About Us

This site was started during the Covid-19 (level 4) lockdown in NZ. The lockdown effected many busiensses in NZ and made me ask myself, why don't small businesses have a simple way to pay and order online? E.g. why do I have to go into my local fish and chip shop and have physical contact with the eftpos terminal, then wait around with other people? Why couldn't I order and pay from home and come in when my order was ready?

There are already a number of systems out there that cater for this scenario so the answer seemed to be that they were too expensive, they charged a monthly fee, a percentage of each sale and a card transaction fee.

The Marketplace was designed to be free to sign up to, with a quick and simple setup but gave the business owner a cost effective method of having their menu online and available for purchase. We only pass on the card transaction fee and give you the option to absorb this (similar to using credit cards in the store) or to add it on as an additional cost for the customer in which case our site is entirely free to use!

We're here to add value to your business so we will be working hard to extend the features of The Marketplace over the next few months to better integrate with your systems and how you do bussiness. If there is something we don't do, please let us know, maybe it is on our roadmap and will be available soon.

The The Marketplace Team